Global Tournaments

  • Solo Tournament
    Solo Tournaments are special events which allow you to compete individually with Commanders across Zandia in a variety of arenas. Participation is optional, however the outcome of each Global Tournament can alter the Zandian storyline, result in permanent changes to the game map, and unlock rewards or new game features for participating players.

    Participation in Solo Tournaments will often - but not always - require Commanders to take on dangerous missions. They are tasked with collecting as many Tournament Points as possible by completing various objectives. The Tournament Points you collect will be tallied by the Syndicate. All Commanders who succeed will be rewarded based on the amount of Points they scored.

    All Commanders are divided into Classes according to their respective Level: Novice, Amateur, Professional, Veteran, Master, and Expert. Your reward from a Solo Tournament depends on which Class you belong to when you engage in the contest. Thus, even novice players who occupy the top positions in their Class can receive large rewards - not just the experienced players. You and your fellow Commanders are divided into Classes before each Solo Tournament and you will remain locked in that Class bracket for its duration, even if you level up during the Tournament!
  • Influence Points (IPs)
    You can only earn Influence Points (IPs) by participating in Global Tournaments. You cannot purchase them using Munitions, Fuel, Rations or Diamonds. You also cannot exchange them or send them to other players as gifts, and they can't be raided from Bases either. You can use IPs to purchase game features, including unique Referrals that are required to train the Syndicate Tactical Assault Group (TAG) Units. Once you've collected enough IPs, go to the Black Market, open the "IPs" tab, and select the item(s) you wish to purchase.

    Check the Black Market to view the full list of items and Base improvements you are able to purchase.
  • PvP Warfare
    Battle other Commanders to get Tournament Points. The more of their troops you take down, the more Points you'll get. It doesn't matter whether you're on the offensive or defensive side. The more Points you rack up, the bigger your rewards at the end of the Tournament.
  • Location Annihilation
    In this Tournament, Commanders are tasked with engaging ZHG in as many Locations across Zandia as possible. The more of ZHG's forces you eliminate at Locations, the more Tournament Points you will get - and the more Tournament Points you get, the bigger the rewards you stand to earn!
  • Raid Rally
    This Tournament pits all the Commanders in Zandia against each other - unlike any other Tournaments, not everyone can come out on top here! Raid the Bases of your enemies - the more Resources you recover, the more Tournament Points you get. Be advised: other Commanders will be trying to raid your Base at the same time. Tournament Points will be distributed on the basis of net Resources raided – so the amount of Resources that were taken from you will be subtracted from the amount of Resources you collect from successful Raids. This will make for a fluctuating Tournament score, so stay sharp and keep your Base locked down until the end of the Tournament!
  • Mining Complex Takeover
    This Tournament takes the battle from the arena into the global map. You will need to occupy and hold Mining Complexes in order to earn Tournament Points, and the ultimate number of Tournament Points you collect directly depends on how many Units you take down at the Mining Complexes. Both ZHG troops and rival Combines' troops count!
  • Recruitment Race
    In this Tournament, Commanders will compete with each other by recruiting troops. Train, purchase or even revive Units in order to earn Tournament Points. The higher the skill level of the Units, the more Tournament Points they'll get you!
  • Contract Contest
    Commanders don't need to demonstrate their battlefield strength here, but their intelligence. Negotiating and upgrading Contracts will earn you Tournament Points. The more time a Contract takes to negotiate or upgrade, the more Tournament Points you'll score!
  • Construction Contest
    Behind every strong army, there's an efficient, high-tech Base. Construct and upgrade buildings in your Base to get Tournament Points. The longer a building takes to Construct or Upgrade, the more Tournament Points you'll get for it! Whoever makes the most progress wins!
  • Combine Milestones
    Combine Milestones appear only in the "Milestone" Global Tournaments, where your Combine is able to participate together. You will see these special marks on the Combine progress bar. Reaching a Milestone multiplies all Combine Members' personal Tournament rewards by a certain factor. The more your Combine succeeds at completing the Tournament objectives, the greater the Milestone you will reach and the higher your reward multiplier will be. The amount of points a Combine needs to earn in order to reach the next Milestone will depend entirely on the size of the Combine. The bigger the Combine, the more points they will have to earn. Coordinate with your Combine and rack up huge rewards!
  • Combine Tournaments
    Syndicate values teamwork. Combine Tournaments are special types of Tournaments that your Combine can participate in together. Any Tournament Points you collect will be added to overall score of your Combine. The more Points your Associates collect, the bigger the Combine Reward you stand to earn. Be advised, Commander: all Associates will get the same Combine Reward. To qualify, you have to be permanent member of a Combine. If you see a Combine Tournament as locked, it means you have to complete your Combine Training and get promoted to a higher Combine Rank. Rally your Associates and coordinate to make sure everyone is pulling their weight, and you should have no problem winning these Tournaments!
  • Experience Race
    Explore Zandia and gain Experience for various in-game tasks. Show off your combat skills, develop Base or negotiate enough Contracts to put nearby Commanders to shame - doesn't matter how you get your XP, just that you get a lot! Each Experience Point you gain while the Tournament is active will get you one Tournament Point. The more you advance, the bigger your rewards! That's a win-win, Commander.

    Be advised: There is one exception. XP from Special Operations won't count for Tournament Points.
  • Repository Takeover
    In this Tournament, there are two ways to earn Tournament Points.You're tasked with capturing, occupying and defending Repositories across Zandia.

    You'll get Tournament Points for the Resources you successfully collect from Repositories, so the longer you hold them, and the more Defensive troops you have stationed there to gather and load Resources, the higher your score. Be advised: Different Resources grant different amounts of Tournament Points. 10 Diamonds collected, for example, are worth more Tournament Points than 10 Rations.

    You'll also get Tournament Points for any enemy troops you take out while fighting at Repositories – regardless of whether you're on the offensive or defensive, and regardless of whether you win or lose the battle.

    For more information on capturing Repositories and holding them, refer to the "Repositories" section of this Field Manual.
  • Repository PvP
    This Tournament tasks you with engaging in combat at Repositories across Zandia. You'll get Tournament Points for every enemy troop you successfully take out in battle at Repositories, regardless of whether you were defending one that you held or attacking someone else's. Even if you lose the battle, you will still score Tournament Points based on the amount of enemies you took down with you!

    Be advised: Some troops may be worth more than others, in terms of Tournament Points.

    For more information on the different ways to engage Repositories, refer to the "Repositories" section of this Field Manual.
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    Описание хэлпа о драконьем турнире
  • Combine HQ Showdown
    This Tournament gives Commanders who belong to a Combine the chance to demonstrate their superiority! Prepare yourself for a brutal fight to the death! There are a number of different ways to receive Tournament Points during the Combine HQ Showdown: You can upgrade your own Combine HQ, or alternatively downgrade the Combine HQs of your rivals - fighting and destroying enemy Units in the process! You will receive Tournament Points when you take down enemy Units at any Combine HQ. Remember: the bigger and stronger Units you can take down, the more Tournament Points you will earn!