• Fuel, Munitions, Rations
    There are three main types of Resources in the game – Fuel, Munitions and Rations. You will need them to construct or upgrade buildings, negotiate Contracts, and produce Units.

    To increase your rate of Resource production, construct and upgrade Munitions Factories, Landing Zones, and Oil Derricks and other resource related buildings like the Fuel Silo and Arms Dealer. The total amount of Fuel and Munitions you can store is limited by your Storage Depot capacity. Build and Upgrade more Storage Depots increase your Fuel and Munitions storage capacity.

    Landing Zones allow your base to be resupplied by air with rations for your forces. Build and upgrade your Landing Zones and the Air Traffic Control to increase the tonnage of rations that you receive each hour. The total amount of Rations you can store in your Base is limited by the capacity of your Field Kitchens. Build and Upgrade more Field Kitchens to increase your Ration storage capacity.

    All Units and Buildings consume a certain number of Rations per hour.

    You can exchange excess Resources or Rations at the Logistics Exchange you're running low on. Your Friends and Partners can also gift them to you, or you can steal them from rival Bases during Raids. You may also receive them as rewards for destroying Zheng Shi Locations during Search and Destroy missions.

    If you negotiate all Contracts that don't require IPs, you will receive a boost to your Fuel and Munitions production. Your boost will begin the day after you have negotiated all Contracts. Once a new Contract appears, your boost will be placed on hold until you negotiate the new Contract; in which case the boost will begin once again.
  • Why purchase Diamonds?
    Diamonds give you certain extra advantages in the game.

    You can use them to:
    - Boost the rate of your building construction, Contract negotiations, and Unit production;
    - Purchase Resources, Units or Contract Referrals at the Black Market;
    - Purchase Defensive buildings and Improvements;
    - Purchase Engineers that add an additional construction/upgrade queue to your Base, allowing you to upgrade or add multiple buildings simultaneously.

    Players can earn Diamonds as rewards by completing tasks in the game. You may purchase additional Diamonds at the Bank by selecting the "Bank" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Misc. Game Tips
    - You can use Diamonds to temporarily boost your Resource production for 3 days by 25%.

    - Resources inside the Bunker will be protected in the event of a Raid or Occupation. Remember to upgrade your Bunker Resource capacity.

    The amount of Resources seized depends on the carrying capacity the Units that survived the Raid.

    - It's a good idea to look through the Resource Exchange Offers on a daily basis - you might find what you just need.

    - Not every supply drop hits the LZ, be sure to search around you and your Friends' Bases every day to find unclaimed Munitions, Rations and Fuel supplies.