Search and Destroy Missions

  • Zheng Shi Holdings Group Locations - Overview
    ZHG Locations are strategic positions across the Zandian countryside that have been occupied by hostile Zheng Shi forces, or that are under imminent threat of Zheng Shi attack. You have been pre-cleared to execute a standing Search and Destroy contract to harass, engage, and eliminate these Zheng Shi strong points at your discretion. Successfully completing these allows you to:
    -Earn Tournament Points for Global Tournaments
    -Liberate new Units above your current contracting level
    -Recover additional Resources< br>-Earn experience points

    Be advised - while many Zheng Shi Locations may offer valuable recoverable assets (resource caches or unaffiliated new recruits) – some will offer nothing but high casualties and the opportunity to earn Experience Points. Evaluate your goals and current strength carefully before engaging, and do not waste units you cannot afford to lose. While not every successful mission will offer a reward, each ZHG Location you neutralize for no reward counts towards your eventual payout. Each skipped payout increases your odds of receiving a bonus on your next attempt – so keep trying!

    Every ZHG Location has its own Level, indicating the approximate size and strength of the enemy force. You may attack the same Location as many times as needed in order to destroy all hostile units.

    All Zheng Shi locations can be viewed from your Radar center on the "Zheng Shi Forces" tab.

    Radar gives you intel about:
    - New ZHG Locations spawning around your Base
    - Level and Current Strength of all detected ZHG Locations.
    Upgrading the Radar has no effect on the number of detected Locations, but will allow you to detect more Depots on the Map.

    Send Units to a ZHG Location from the "Zheng Shi Forces" tab in your Radar interface, or use the menu on the Game Map.