Player Interactions

  • What player interactions are there in the game?
    Interaction between players is the heart of the Soldiers Inc. gameplay experience. This covers all the different ways you can influence and engage the other players. There are several ways you can perform actions with other players.

    1. You can easily interact with your fellow Commanders from the Map interface:

    Go to Map and click on other player's Base.
    You can choose an action (Exchange, Occupy, Raid, etc.) from their Base's pop-up menu.

    2. You can also interact by visiting their Base.
    Go to other player's Base. Choose the action you want to perform from the "Action" menu.

    Alternately you can conduct most interactions from the Command HQ.
    Use your Command HQ, Joint Ops Center, and Logistics Exchange to perform military actions, conduct Joint Operations, and execute trade transactions.

    Read your reports to keep track of your military actions, diplomacy, and resource and referral exchanges. You can also set different Filters to sort your reports for the most relevant information.
  • Recon Missions
    Negotiate the UAV Intelligence Support Contract and build the Airfield to begin purchasing MQ-11B drones and start performing Recon missions.

    Dispatch MQ-11B Drones to other players' Bases to gather intelligence. Recon missions allow you to gather information about the number and type of Units in other Bases and Depots and their current Resource Levels.

    Read your reports to view the outcome of your recon mission and review any collected intel.

    To perform a successful mission, your Drones must defeat any enemy Drones currently defending the intel target. The more MQ-11B Drones you send, the higher the chances of the mission being successful.

    To perform a recon mission, use the target Base's pop-up menu on the map, "Actions" menu in the player's Base or "Contacts" tab in the Command HQ.

    While you can recon other players' Bases and Depots, Zheng Shi expeditionary forces are equipped with powerful electronic countermeasures, rendering your MQ-11B drones and other detection equipment inoperable.
  • Raids
    Raiding rival Bases is the fastest, most satisfying way to earn extra Resources in the game. To conduct a Raid, choose the number and type of Units you want to send. If your Raid is successful, you will seize a certain number of Resources.

    The amount of Resources seized depends on the carrying capacity of the Units that survived the Raid. After the Raid you will receive a report detailing the number of casualties on both sides, and the amount of Resources your Units were able to return to your Base. You can Raid any player except your Partners and low-level players (users under level 30 or the ones registered for less than 3 days fall under low-level player protection).

    You start the game with 10 possible Raid attempts that may recover Resources. These Raid attempts are recharged at the rate of 1 new Raid every 2.5 hours. Each Raid attempt is counted at the time your Units depart your Base. This means that if you have used all 10 of your available Raids and dispatch an 11th Raid, your Units may engage and destroy enemies' Units, but will NOT recover any Resources.

    5% of captured Resources will be subtracted as the cost of the Raid.

    To perform a raid mission, use your Target Base's pop-up menu on the map, the "Actions" menu in the player's Base or the "Contacts" tab in the Command HQ.

    All units hidden in the Bunker cannot be deployed on Raiding missions until they have been recalled from the Bunker to active duty.

    Be advised: Your battle Report after each Raid displays ONLY the enemy Units you defeated in battle. For full reports detailing the number and type of Units present in other Bases, you'll need to carry out successful Recon Missions.
  • Occupations
    To Occupy a rival player's Base, choose the number and type of units you wish to send. If you succeed, your units will occupy the enemy Base and you will move up in the Occupation Rankings. Occupied Bases can only be liberated if the occupied player produces enough offensive units (or receives enough reinforcements) to overcome the occupying garrison. If your Base has been occupied, you can still produce units to defeat your occupier or ask your Friends to send you Reinforcements. Once annexed, a percentage of your Fuel or Munitions production will be confiscated by the Occupying commander until your Base is liberated.
    Occupations can be performed in 3 ways:

    From the Map:

    1. Click «Map» in your Base.
    2. Position the cursor over the Base you want to occupy.
    3. Select «Occupy» from the options menu.

    From within the options menu while visiting an enemy Base:

    1. Visit the Base of the player you want to occupy.
    2. Click «Occupy» on the «Actions» menu.

    From the Command HQ:

    1. Go to the Command HQ.
    2. Find the Base in your "Contacts" tab.
    3. Open the «Send» tab.
    4. Choose «Occupy» from the action list.
    5. Click «Occupy».

    Occupying other Bases allows you to establish your dominance over rival operations, place in the Occupation and Warlord Rankings, and harvest a percentage of your enemy's Resource production. The Top 10 Players in the Weekly Occupation and Warlord Rankings may also earn Diamonds for holding their positions. Occupying an opponent will not eliminate them, but it will give you the option of annexing their Base. While a rival base is annexed, you may confiscate a percentage of their total Fuel or Munition production. To annex a Base you have occupied, go to the Command Center and open the "Garrisons" tab, then select the Resource type you wish to collect from the Occupied Base.

    The "Positions" tab displays information on:
    - All currently occupied battlefield positions (Deposits and Annexed Bases)
    -The amount of Resources currently ready for collection
    - Time remaining until next collection
    - Time remaining until the Base or Deposit's storage is full
    - Number and type of Units at each Annexed Base or Deposit
    To collect all Resources accumulated in an Annex, click «Collect» when the button is active.

    To select a different occupied Base to annex, remove one from your Annexes list and add the desired Base from your "Garrisons" tab.
  • Reinforcements
    Send Reinforcements to support your Partners or defend battlefield positions. Reinforcements your forces and your Partners from enemy attacks.

    You can view Reinforcements other players have sent you from the "Base" tab in your Command HQ. While you will be unable to command friendly Reinforcements, you may return them back to their rightful owner at any time.

    All Reinforcements you send will be maintained at your own expense. This means that if you send Reinforcements to another Base, they will still be consuming your Rations.

    Reinforcing Depots: You also can reinforce allied Garrisons stationed at Depots controlled by your Partners. Sending Reinforcements to other Depots does not entitle you Resources from that Depot, but you may ask your Partners and Friends to share a portion of the proceeds or pay you in Referrals. If all of the Units from your Base currently occupying a Depot are destroyed, all surviving Reinforcements will automatically return to their respective owners.

    To send Reinforcements, use the Map location's pop-up menu from the game map, the "Actions" menu in the destination Base, or the "Contacts" tab in the Command HQ.

    To send Reinforcements to a Depot use the Depot's pop-up menu on the Map, or the "Depots" tab at the Command HQ (provided you have already captured the Depot).
  • Resource and Referral Exchanges
    Build the Logistics Exchange to start exchanging Resources and Referrals with other players and speed up your Base's development.

    Use the "Exchange Resources" tab at your Logistics Exchange to accept existing Exchange offers or create your own.

    To make a Resource Exchange Offer:
    1. Go to the Logistics Exchange.
    2. Open the "Exchange Resources" tab.
    3. Click the "Extend Offer" button.
    4. Choose the Resources you wish to trade.
    5. Click the "Make Offer" button.
    6. Set the "My" filter to view your Offer's terms and expiration time.

    To exchange Referrals at the Logistics Exchange:
    1. Go to the Logistics Exchange and open the "Exchange Referrals" tab.
    2. Click the "Extend Offer" button.
    3. Select the Referral you wish to trade.
    4. Click the "Make an Offer" button.

    To view Offers from other players, go to the Logistics Exchange and set a filter (All, Available, Friends, or My). If your request is not found, you will see an empty list. You can also use the "Looking for" and "Offering" drop-down menus to filter your search.

    You may also choose to send Resources or Referrals to any player as a gift.

    To send Resources or Referrals as a gift use the Base's round pop-up menu on the map, "Actions" menu in the player's Base or "Contacts" tab in the Command HQ.

    Please note that there is a maximum limit to the number and total amount of Resource gifting transactions you may send to one player each day.