• What are Depots?
    Within months of the Zandian crisis, the international UN peacekeeping force tasked with securing national infrastructure, maintaining order, and providing humanitarian relief withdrew under fire - leaving behind enough strategic stockpiles to supply a major military operation for years. Secure these abandoned Depots to gain access to abundant sources of Thulium, Diamonds, Fuel, Munitions, and Rations.

    Each Depot contains one of your three main Resources (Refineries - Fuel, Munitions Dumps - Munitions, and Rail Depots - Rations), along with Diamond mines and Thulium Deposits. There are different sizes of Depots: Large, Medium, and Small. The amount of Resources produced by the Depot and its capacity depend on its size. The larger the Depot, the more Resources it can collect per hour, and the greater its total worth. When all the Resources at a Depot have been exhausted (or its time limit expires) it will disappear from the Map. The time remaining until a Depot disappears is displayed on the pop-up Map menu, your Command HQ and your Radar. Visit your Radar to detect new Depots (see the "Radar" section for more). Every new Depot starts off vacant and unguarded - there are advantages to being the first to take one, but be wary of ambushes set by other players. Any player can view the amount of Resources stored in the Depot by placing their cursor over it.
  • How do I detect and occupy a Depot?
    Place your cursor over a Depot on the Map to view its info. You will be able to view the amount of Resources remaining at a Depot, its status (whether the Depot is vacant or occupied), and choose from a set of possible actions. You can get more information at your Radar. Successful Recon missions allow you to detect all Units defending a Depot - including its owner's Units and other players' Reinforcements.

    To recon a Depot, build the Contracting Office and the Airfield, and locate the Depot from the Map or Radar. Choose the "Recon" option, select the number of MQ-11B Reconnaissance Drones you want to send for the mission, and click "Send". Station as many MQ-11B Drones as you can to protect your Depot from being reconned.

    Building the Tracking Center allows you to occupy 1 Depot. Once you've upgraded the Tracking Center to Level 6, you'll be able to control 2 Depots.

    To occupy a Depot, select the "Depots" tab at your Radar center, choose the type and number of Units you want to send on the mission, and click "Send". If a Depot is captured from another occupant, the new owner will not recover any of its previous owner's collected or claimed Resources. The Depot will start collecting Resources again, but the total amount of Resources in the Depot will continue to deplete regardless of how many times it changes hands. You may wish to maintain large garrisons of Defensive Units at your occupied Depots to keep them under your control.

    Once you've occupied a Depot, go to your Command HQ and open the "Positions" tab to review information on:
    - The total amount of Resources at the Depot
    - Time remaining until the Depot is depleted
    - The Depot's resource storage capacity
    - The amount of Resources currently awaiting collection
    - Time remaining till you can collect Resources again
    - Time remaining until the Depot's collection capacity is full
    - Type and number of Units currently garrisoned
    - Type and number of friendly Reinforcements.
    The maximum travel time to any Depot on the Map is 1 hour for all players.
  • Misc. Game tips
    Misc. Game tips