Military Buildings

  • What are Military Buildings for?
    Your military buildings are where you produce, manage, and deploy all of your combat units. Each Unit or set of Units is produced at its own building, and construction of some buildings a prerequisite for negotiating certain military Contracts or building more advanced military buildings. Military Buildings are non-upgradeable, but you can renegotiate their required Contracts to improve the Unit performance statistics of the units they train.

    The "Production Queue" window in Military buildings allows you to view your current Unit production queues. Use Diamonds to instantly complete a production line in a queue, or purchase them directly with Diamonds at the Black Market.

    To construct a Military Building do the following:
    1. Go to your Base and click "Construction".
    2. Open the "Military" tab and find the building you need.
    3. Click "Build".
    4. Choose a place in your Base and start building.
  • Barracks
    Build the Barracks to field Sharpe & Meyers Infantry units, PAG Sappers, GS8 Light Snipers, and Excellia Recon Operators. Negotiate the required Contracts to start hiring Light Infantry Units.
  • Combat Support Center
    The Combat Support Center grants access to RSL Assault Infantry, PAG Heavy Snipers, and GS8 Mortar Squads, and Syndicate Heavy Support Infantry.
  • Tank Depot
    The Tank Depot allows you to deploy light vehicles, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled howitzers, and main battle tanks.
  • Airfield
    Build the Airfield to begin fielding unmanned reconnaissance drones and attack helicopters.
  • Mercenary Bar
    The Mercenary Bar allows you and your Friends to recruit free-agent mercenaries for each other. Your Friends can hire Mercenaries for your Army by visiting your Base and clicking on your Mercenary Bar once a day. Mercenaries serve as an auxiliary force equally well suited to Offense or Defense, with an impressive Resource raiding capacity, and require no Rations to maintain.

    To create Mercenaries:
    1. Go to the Mercenary Bar.
    2. Click "Hire a Mercenary" and select one of your Friends from the list.

    The more Friends you have, the more Mercenaries you can create! You will start off being able to create up to three Mercenaries per day, but may create up to 25 each day by purchasing Mercenary Kits. Each Kit in your Base allows you to train on additional Mercenary each day.

    In addition to the 25 Mercenaries you can hire by yourself, your Friends can add to your army by visiting your Base and clicking on your Mercenary Bar. You may maintain up to 50 Mercenaries total.