Training Center

  • Overview
    The Training Center allows you to use Drill Instructors to improve the speed, production time, and Ration consumption statistics of your Units. To get started, go to the "Construction" tab and build the Training Center.

    Drill Instructors
    Drill Instructors are seasoned professionals that can drive your Units to be better, stronger, and faster than ever. The Syndicate will send you additional Drill Instructors for attaining higher Experience Levels in the game. The number of Drill Instructors you'll receive per level-up will increase over time:

    Levels 2 – 34/ 2 Drill Instructors
    Levels 35 – 64/ 4 Drill Instructors
    Levels 65 – 79/ 6 Drill Instructors
    Levels 80 + /8 Drill Instructors

    You can also get extra Drill Instructors by completing successively higher Search and Destroy Mission Levels. Drill Instructors CANNOT be hired at the Black Market or traded.
  • Using Drill Instructors
    Click the Training Center to access the Training Program. You will see all production-line Units divided into Unit Sets. In order to unlock different Unit attributes and branches of the Training Program, you must progress through each Unit Set sequentially. To get started, use two of your Drill Instructors to unlock Training Phase 1 by clicking the "Training Phase I" button twice. You'll notice that assigning each Drill Instructors takes time – this time will increase with each additional Instructor you assign to a Unit.
  • Reassigning Drill Instructors
    IMPORTANT! Once you've assigned your Drill Instructors, you only get ONE chance to reassign them for free. To reassign a Drill Instructor, click the "Reassign" button at the top of the Training Program, and then click the "-" symbol next to the Instructor you want to reassign. When you have reassigned the Drill Instructors you want, click "Assign" to make your changes permanent. You may now assign your Drill Instructors as you would normally (this includes the wait time while they are being assigned).

    After your one free reassignment, this procedure will cost Diamonds – and the price will increase each time. Take your time, and plan your training strategy carefully!