• Main Interface
    Click a ">>" on the Resource panel at the top of the screen to boost your Resource Production using Diamonds. Click the Diamond icon in the top right corner of the screen to purchase additional Diamonds. Use Diamonds to boost Unit production queues, building construction times, or to purchase Units at the Black Market.

    In the top left corner you'll find the "Rankings" icon and the "Mail Server" icon.

    The top panel also displays your Base's coordinates, current Level, current Defense Bonus, and currently available building upgrade/construction queues.

    Hire Engineers to build or upgrade more than one building at a time (by clicking the wrench and hammer icon).

    From the "Settings" window you can:
    - enable/disable inertial scrolling;
    - enable/disable animation;
    - enable/disable voiceovers, sound effects, and music.

    Open the Field Manual to find detailed info on rules and gameplay.

    The menu icons at the right side of the screen (in order from top to bottom) access the Editing, Construction, Map, Contracting, and Unit Construction features.
  • Mail server and Chat Feature
    You can send messages to other players via the Mail Server.

    To send messages to your Friends and Partners, click "Mail" on the user menu.

    In the "Mail" window you'll find messages received from Mr. Black, Friends, Enemies, and your Combine Partners. There you will also find messages you have sent to other Commanders.

    To write a new message, click "Compose Message." You may choose whom to write to in the tabs labeled - "Friends" and "Combine".
    To write a message to a friend, choose your Friend from the list and type the text in the special window. Next, click "Send".
    You may also send messages to your Combine Members. Choose the "Combine" tab, then choose the Combine Ranks who will receive your message. Next, click "Send to all".

    To be able to exchange messages with other players, go to the Map, place your cursor over the player's Base and click the "Envelope" icon.

    Once you've done that, enter your message text and send it.

    Open the "Blacklist" tab to view the Commanders you've blocked.

    To stop receiving communications from other Commanders, add them to your "Blacklist." Messages from users on your "Blacklist" will be automatically deleted. Open the "Mail" window and click the "Block user" button to blacklist a player.

    You can send messages to other online players in real-time using the game's Chat function. To use Chat, click on the "Chat" button on the right side of your Friends Panel. Be aware that all Chat communications outside of Combine channels are unsecured and regional. You can interact with other Commanders from the Chat interface by clicking on another Commander's name and choosing a desired action (Open Profile, Send Message, Blacklist, Add to Contacts) from the pop-up menu. To send a chat message simply enter text and click the "Send" button.
  • Rankings
    To view your Ranking against the other players, click "Rankings" from the user menu.

    Global Ranking displays your position against all the users that play "Soldiers Inc.".

    The Friends Ranking shows your position among all your Friends that play "Soldiers Inc.".

    Rankings are divided into three categories: Winners, Current, and Soldiers of Fortune - in order of significance.

    Soldiers of Fortune displays the names of all players to ever place in the Weekly Rankings.

    Winners displays names of players who took top positions at the end of last week's calculation.

    Current Ranking shows the current players relative positions prior to end of week calculations.

    There are six different Ranking metrics:

    Offense - ranks the players who defeated the largest number of enemy Units while attacking other Bases.
    Defense – ranks players who have defeated the largest number of enemy Units while defending their own Base.
    Occupation – ranks players who occupied the most Bases.
    Resources - ranks players who have seized the most Resources while Occupying/Annexing other Bases.
    Raid - ranks players who seized the largest amount of Resources when raiding other Bases.
    Search and Destroy - ranks players by who has destroyed the most Zheng Shi Holding Group forces on Search and Destroy missions.

    To see where you stand in the Rankings click the "My Ranking" button. Click "Top 10" to see the leaders in each category.
  • Experience and Levels
    You receive Experience Points for defeating enemy Units, negotiating Contracts, constructing and upgrading buildings, attacking or defending Zheng Shi Locations, and completing tutorial tasks and bonus missions.

    You will automatically level up and receive a free Diamond bonus each time you collect the required number of Experience Points.

    Your Level shows your progress in the game. Some game features will also only unlock at certain Levels (for example, you can join a Combine when you reach Level 16).
  • Map
    To go to the Map, click the "Map" icon on the right side of the main interface. To return to base, click "Home" from the Map or Base menu, or click twice on your Base. You can scroll across the Map by:

    1. Clicking and dragging the Map with your mouse. (Inertial Scrolling).
    2. Using your keyboard arrows.
    3. Entering coordinates in the bottom right corner of the Map and clicking the "return key" icon.

    All Bases have corresponding x coordinates (numbers at the bottom of the screen) and y coordinates (numbers on the left side of the screen). Place your mouse over any player's Base and you will see the coordinates below its name.
  • Achievements
    Click the "Achievements" button on the top menu bar of the screen to view your Achievements. Build and upgrade Buildings, collect Resource Supply Drops, negotiate Contracts, and complete other game actions to unlock new Achievements and win free Diamonds. Place your cursor over the question mark to read each Achievement's completion requirements.