Mining Complexes

  • Overview
    Mining Complexes are the primary objective of the war in Zandia. These heavily fortified ore extraction and processing centers are the key to controlling Zandia's vast mineral wealth, and by extension one of the world's most lucrative global economic monopolies. Built in the months following the discovery of rare earth metal deposits in the region, Mining Complexes have been fortified into virtually impregnable military bases (now occupied by firmly entrenched ZHG forces).

    Your Combine's ability to capture, hold, and expand these Mining Complexes will determine your collective territory and standing among your rivals. As your Combine captures and develops these Complexes, your growing dominance of the Zandian battlefield will be reflected on the Combine Map.

    This mission will not be easy. ZHG will not give up their positions without a fight, and developing them and defending them from both ZHG forces and rival combines will require tight coordination and a massive commitment of resources. No lone operator will be able to engage these targets – to join this battle will require joining a combine or forming your own.

    Mining Complexes can be found scattered across Zandian countryside and will be heavily defended by ZHG's forces or rival Combines – so plan your attacks carefully.

    Any Combine that captures a Mining Complex must be prepared to defend it from both rivals and increasingly powerful waves of ZHG forces. With each successful defensive battle against ZHG units, your Combine will receive a Syndicate Cash Bounty for all ZHG troops eliminated in the defense of a Mining Complex. These funds can be used to grant "Veteran" status to your units. Veteran Units can take advantage of offset support costs and new kit, significantly increasing both their defensive and offensive performance while reducing their ration consumption.

    As each Mining Complex is developed, it's Defensive Bonus, Syndicate Cash Bounty, Cash Bank, and effective Operations Range will increase – along with the range of unit types it can upgrade to Veteran status.
  • Operations Range
    The extent of influence a Mining Complex has on the surrounding territory is determined by the Complex's Operational Range. This is determined according to its development level and proximity to adjoining Mining Complexes controlled by the same Combine. This means that two Complexes of identical levels can have different Operational Ranges. If a Complex is positioned adjacent to one or more Complexes owned by the same Combine, its Range will increase, to try and capture as many adjoining Mining Complexes as possible. The total exploitable territory controlled by your Combine will be the sole factor determining your Combine's position in the Combine Rankings and dominance on the Combine Map.
  • Developing Mining Complexes
    Once a Combine has captured a Mining Complex, its Members must pool their Resources or Diamonds towards developing it. Every Combine Member can contribute Resources towards the Mining Complex's next development level. The progress bar will display the Combine's collected contribution. Once the progress bar is full, the Mining Complex will upgrade to the next development level and its Operational Range and military performance will increase. If a Combine's Mining Complex is captured, it automatically loses 1 development level. If a Combine succeeds in re-capturing the Complex within 60 minutes after it's been captured by another Combine, it will retain its current Level.

    You will receive regular updates on Combine's Mining Complexes in your reports.
  • Combine Map
    The Combine Map is a scale on the game map displaying all Combines according to their controlled territory. To view the Combine Map, go to the Map select one of the scale buttons in the upper right corner of the screen (just below the "Base" button).

    Combine Chief Executive Officers and Operations Officers are also able to mark the combatant status of other Combines to appear on the Combine Map from the "Combines" tab at the Joint Ops Center. Find the Combine you wish to designate from the Combine list, then mark them as either Enemy or Partners. Once you've changed a Combine's status, it will be reflected on the Combine Map with the appropriate icon visible to all Combine Members.

    Captured Mining Complexes will appear on the Map with the occupying Combine's logo.
  • Mining Complex Interactions (Map)
    Place your cursor over any Mining Complex on the Combine Map to choose from a menu of possible actions:

    "Info" - Opens the Complex Statistics Window offering you the following tree tabs (if this Complex is currently controlled by your Combine):

    "Mining Complex" where you can :
    - Send additional Resources or Diamonds, and check the Complex's development progress
    - Check the amount of Syndicate Cash Bonuses your Combine has earned
    - Redistribute Cash to different Mining Complexes (only available to Combine Chief Executive Officers, Operations Officers, and Brigadiers)
    - View the Complex's development display

    "Garrisons" where you can:
    - Send Reinforcements to a Mining Complex
    - Review all Units currently guarding a Mining Complex
    - Open the "Mining Complexes" tab at your Joint Ops Center

    "Units" where you can:
    - Select the number and type of Units to upgrade to Veteran status.
    - Review the Mining Complex's Unit history

    "Send Reinforcements" - Select this option to send Reinforcements to a Complex. This option is only available for Complexes currently controlled by your Combine.

    "Capture" - Send a force to capture a Mining Complex.

    "Recon" - Attempt to recon an Complex.

    "Go to the Joint Ops Center" - Opens the Joint Ops Center window and allows you to view the stats of any Mining Complex your Combine currently holds by clicking the "Mining Complexes" tab. You may also send Reinforcements to a desired Mining Complex from this window.

    Use the Navigation Panel or Mouse Scroll from the Combine or Regular Map to view Complex's pop-up action menu.

    If a Complex is captured by the enemy, all survived Units guarding it will be returned to their respective Bases.
  • Mining Complex Interactions (Base)
    To interact with a Mining Complex from the Joint Ops Center, your Combine must have captured at least one Complex on the Map. Once you have control of one or more Mining Complex, go to the Joint Ops Center and open the "Mining Complexes" tab. From here you can view information on the number and type of Units currently garrisoned at any Mining Complex occupied by your Combine. Combine Chief Executive Officers and Operations Officers can also use this interface to redistribute cash from Syndicate Bounties between Complexes. Click on the Mining Complex's icon to view it on the Map. Click the button in the right-hand part of the screen to open the Complex's stats window. From here you can add Resources and Diamonds towards its next upgrade Level or redistribute funds to or from its Cash Bank. The Mining Complex control window is available at the Joint Ops Center only if you are already a Member of an existing Combine, or have created your own.

    You will receive battle reports on your Combine's Mining Complexes in your reports.

    To control Reinforcements garrisoned at a Mining Complex, open the "Garrisons" tab. From here you can view, reinforce, or recall any Reinforcements you have stationed at any Mining Complex captured by your Combine.