Fighter UCAV

  • General information
    Before you can access your Fighter UCAV, you need to construct the UCAV Deck - the Building where every action affecting your Fighter UCAV is carried out. After it has been built, you can begin to interact with your Fighter UCAV.

    In the UCAV Deck window you will find three tabs: Fighter UCAV, Targets, and Protocols.
    In the Fighter UCAV tab, you can select the UCAV Bonuses you wish to activate. You will receive the benefits of your selected Enhancement Protocols for as long as the selected UCAV Bonuses are active. In the Fighter UCAV tab, you can also change the Callsign of your Fighter UCAV.
    In the "Targets" tab, you can eliminate Targets with your Fighter UCAV and receive Strike Points. Each successful attack and victory over a Target will earn you Strike Points.
    The UCAV Protocols tab contains the Protocols tree. Develop and upgrade Protocols to receive a wide variety of bonuses.
  • Enhancement Protocols
    Developing Enhancement Protocols allows you to receive a variety of bonuses, such as increased Resource production rates, accelerated Unit Training and Movement Speeds, Offense and Defense Boosts, and much more.
    In order to develop and upgrade Enhancement Protocols, you will require Strike Points. Strike Points alone will also be sufficient to discover the 1st and 2nd "Additional Slot" Enhancement Protocols. However, the discovery of the 3rd Additional Slot requires Access Codes and Strike Points, while 4th and 5th Additional Slots require Diamonds to be developed.

    Enhancement Protocols are divided into two major groups - Unencrypted Protocols and Encrypted Protocols. The main difference between the two is as follows: the Bonuses from Unencrypted Protocols can be activated without Access Codes, while Encrypted Protocols require Access Codes to activate. Encrypted Protocols will give you more powerful bonuses than Unencrypted ones.
  • Activating UCAV Bonuses
    Each player starts with one unlocked slot for selecting and activating Enhancement Protocols. In order to increase the number of slots available to you, you must develop the Enhancement Protocols "Additional Slots." This increases the amount of Enhancement Protocols that you can activate and receive Bonuses from at any one time. There are 5 Protocols of this kind; discovering each of them will unlock an Additional Slot in the UCAV Bonuses section of the Fighter UCAV tab.

    Remember! Only Strike Points are required to develop the 1st and 2nd Additional Slots. However, the Development of the 3rd Additional Slot requires Access Codes and Strike Points, while the 4th and 5th Additional Slots require Diamonds to be discovered.
  • Strike Points and Access Codes
    Strike Points are used for developing and upgrading Enhancement Protocols. Eliminating Targets in the Targets tab of the UCAV Deck will earn you Strike Points. After the battle, you can check how many Points you have earned by visiting the Fighter UCAV tab.
    In order to earn more Strike Points for eliminating Targets, you need to develop and upgrade the "Strike Points Boost" Enhancement Protocol.
    Please note: If you select this Protocol and activate its Bonus while still engaging a Target, the Bonus will not become active until after that Target has been eliminated. However, the bonus will be applied to the next Target you attack.

    Access Codes are Resources that are required for activating the UCAV Bonuses of Encrypted Protocols, and can be earned during Tournaments.
  • How do I eliminate Targets?
    In the "Targets" tab, you can eliminate Targets with your Fighter UCAV. In order to attack the Target, you need to take aim and click on it. The HP bar will show how much damage you have dealt, but if your attack attempt was unsuccessful, you will see the word "Miss!" on your screen. Meanwhile, the Flight Permits bar at the bottom of the screen shows how many attempts at attacking the Target are remaining. Attacks require Flight Permits, regardless of whether you hit the Target or not.

    Once all Flight Permits have been exhausted, your Fighter UCAV will be unable to continue fighting. If this happens, you will have two options: you can either wait for new Flight Permits to be distributed, or refresh your Flight Permits instantly in exchange for Diamonds. The number of Targets you can fight each day is limited; once this limit has been reached, you will see a message with a timer, which counts down the time until new Targets appear.