Syndicate Cash Bounties/Veteran Units

  • Overview
    The Syndicate has hundreds of anonymous clients sponsoring rival military operations in Zandia - and the only thing they hate slightly more than each other is the Zheng Shi Holdings Group. The fact that ZHG already has virtually an exclusive stranglehold over Zandian Mining Complexes and mineral resources is unacceptable for all other parties involved.

    To help motivate the most successful Combines, the Syndicate has been authorized to offer a Syndicate Cash Bounty for each ZHG combat unit terminated in the defense of captured Zandian Mining Complexes.

    Syndicate Cash can be used to upgrade any Combine unit to Veteran status. Veteran Units will have access to superior weapons and kits, improving both their defensive and offensive capabilities. Syndicate Cash bounties will also be automatically used to offset support costs of Veteran units, greatly reducing their Ration consumption. All Syndicate Cash received for neutralizing ZHG units will be delivered to the Mining Complex where the battle took place, and can be accessed by any Member of the Combine that had units participating in its defense.

    Syndicate Cash can be moved between all Mining Complexes controlled by a single Combine, but some may be lost due to theft and corruption in transit. The greater the distance between Mining Complexes, the more cash will be "lost" on the way.
  • Upgrading Mining Complexes
    Different unit classes can be upgraded to Veteran Status after increasing each Mining Complex's development to increasingly higher levels:

    Level 2 - Light Infantry
    Level 3 - Heavy Infantry
    Level 4 - Armor
    Level 5 -Combat Aviation.

    Bear in mind that each Mining Complex will be classified as a higher priority target by ZHG with each additional upgrade Level, attracting larger forces to retake it. This in turn will provide you with more Syndicate Cash with which you may create more Veteran Units. Developed Mining Complexes will also receive higher Syndicate Cash Bounties for each ZHG unit killed, and a higher overall defense bonus.
  • Transferring Cash
    The Combine Chief Executive Officer and Operations Officers can move Syndicate Cash between all Mining Complexes controlled by their Combine, but some may be lost due to theft and corruption in transit. The respective distance and development levels between different Mining Complexes will impact the amount of cash "lost" on the way.
  • Upgrading Veteran Units
    Send Units to one of your Combine's Mining Complexes and open the "Units" window. Select the number and type of Units you wish to upgrade to Veteran status and press "Upgrade". You can review the Complex's Unit upgrade history from the "Upgrage History" window in the Mining Complex interface.